Our subsidiaries provide parallel services to all medium and large enterprises requiring advice in areas beyond their competence.

The quality of our services and the personalized support we provide are part of our corporate philosophy and are features that characterize us throughout our work.

This is a guarantee for the professional advice and support and the satisfaction of our clients.

Administrative and book keeping tasks

  • Commencement of accounting year entries.
  • Book keeping of accounting documents in accordance with entry number.
  • Entry of daily expenses.
  • General ledger.
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly balance sheets.
  • Preparation of annual balance sheets for auditing.
  • Preparation of annual accounts.
  • Filing of accounts.
  • Keeping of VAT accounts (chargeable and deductible).
  • Amortization table.
  • Control, filing and delivery of documents once accounting has been completed.


  • Preparation and filing of quarterly VAT returns.
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly income tax (IRPF) returns.
  • Preparation and quarterly payment on account of Corporation Tax.
  • Annual VAT returns.
  • Annual income tax (IRPF) returns.
  • Corporation Tax (annual).
  • List of income and payments in excess of 3,000 euro.
  • Taxes and applications relating to taxes on the exercise of business activities.
  • Assistance with respect to ordinary inspections by the tax authorities.

Employment management

  • Preparation of wage slips, social welfare and accounting summaries of wages.
  • Control of payments on account of income tax.
  • Drafting of standard employment contracts and their registration with the employment authorities.
  • Registration and cancellation of employees on the social welfare system.
  • Company certificates with respect to unemployment.
  • Income Tax retention certificates (workers and professionals) and family declarations.
  • Applications for subsidies from public institutions with respect to employment.
  • Annual timetable.

Tasks connected with the employment management

  • Basic and continuous advice on the application of employment legislation and relevant collective or sectorial agreements to the company (such as the Employment Act, legislation on the prevention of risks, breaches and sanctions, vacations and paid leave).
  • Drafting of management ratios of an employment nature which the company considers appropriate.
  • Disciplinary rules in the company (drafting of documents sanctioning employees, except for dismissal notices).
  • Social welfare protective measures, such as pensions and invalidity.
  • Relations with the social welfare authorities and other public institutions connected with employment.
  • Assistance in connection with labor conciliation proceedings and claims before the social welfare and employment authorities.

Human Resources

  • Wage policy. Design and implementation of its remuneration system based on internal and external equity. Description, analysis and valuation of the job post.
  • Performance evaluation. Definition of the mission and values ​​of the Business. Implementation of the entrepreneurial skills and job posts.
  • Potential assessment. Person & job post suitability.
  • Design of training plans.
  • Selection of personnel. Design and installation of the selection system in your company.