Jordi Planchart

Jordi Planchart

Location: Barcelona
Place of birth: Barcelona, 1961
Languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Catalan

Studies at the University of Barcelona and Toulouse
Studies at the Catalonia School for Public Administration

Bar Councils
Barcelona since 1984, number 13,671

Spanish Delegation at the European Court of Arbitration (Strasbourg)

Recent Publications
Liens on Spanish Real Property in Guarantee of Foreign Debts (European Banking Law Conference).
Security Agreements in the International Trade of Goods (European Congress of the Association of European Consultants).
The Financing of Distressed Businesses (European Banking Law Conference).

Corporate Law
Business Law
Real Estate Law
Tax Law
International Succession Law
Unfair competition
Financial Law
Mergers and Acquisition
Administrative Law
Arbitration and International Litigation