Advertising and Marketing

Managing Partners

Gerhard W. Volz

We understand the needs of businesses that advertise and of advertising agencies. We have a distinguished history and many years of experience advising clients on their advertising and promotion campaigns, from idea to execution, on the national and – most especially – the international stages.

We collaborate with different Advertising and Marketing legal advice international associations, and as such we can offer our advertising clientele the quick and effective advice of specialized lawyers in over 50 countries.

We  defend our clients’ interests before various national and international authorities, and, in close collaboration with our litigation department, before ordinary courts and industry self-regulatory bodies. Our services are commonly called upon when the case deals with unfair trade practices by a competitor or the refusal of a governmental body to respect the rights of our clientele, among other issues.

Some of the services that we provide are the following:

  • Preparation, review and negotiation of advertising contracts.
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of “talent” contracts: dubbing, acting in advertisements and physical presence in general in advertising campaigns.
  • Advice on competitions and draws, regional and / or national level.
  • Advice on design and content of advertising campaigns for compliance and adaptation to current legislation.
  • Management of advertising promotions (writing, adaptation and / or translation of legal bases, deposit of bases before a Notary, holding draws before a Notary).
  • Tax advice related to promotions, contests and games.
  • Actions before the Consumer Authorities, Administration in general (local, regional and state) and the Courts in specific matters of game, contests and chance.