Business Law

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Gerhard W. Volz

Jordi Planchart Remmert

Alfonso Hernández

Our services are aimed at businesses in general (including corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, associations, etc.), at both the national and international levels, advising and supporting companies in all their business and transactions. We advise our clients from the outset of their business ventures, and thereafter in the development and evolution of their commercial activities, including any future transformation, disposal, liquidation, or insolvency situation. We also advise our clients on their relations with competitors, suppliers, customers, partners, and public authorities.

Within the wide range of areas covered by Commercial or Business Law, our services include the following, amongst others:

  • Mergers and transfers of businesses
  • Succession in businesses and family businesses
  • International sale of goods, services and security arrangements
  • Commercial distribution and franchising
  • Financial law and insurance
  • Legal and financial matters at the European level

International sale of goods, services and security arrangements

Our firm is positioned to offer businesses precise and comprehensive advice on all aspects, whether legal or practical, of international commercial transactions. In this way, we meet the needs and allay the worries of exporters and companies carrying on activities abroad. We represent both national businesses with business abroad as well as foreign companies conducting business in Spain. We place particularly emphasis on the following issues:

    • Contracts for the international sale of goods
    • General contracting conditions for transactions abroad
    • Foreign risk evaluation and prevention
    • Risk prevention for foreign businesses within Spain
    • Construction, installment or assembly contracts
    • Guarantees and security arrangements in international contracts
    • Advice on payments abroad
    • Rules regarding national and international transport
    • Conflict and dispute resolution
    • Filing foreign claims
    • Claims by foreign business within Spain.

Commercial distribution and franchising

As one component of our business advice, we offer our clients our extensive expertise in all areas relating to the distribution market for commercial goods and services, at both the national and international levels, and particularly in the following spheres:

  • Agency agreements
  • Commercial distribution agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Retail and wholesale business legal issues
  • Resolution of commercial network conflicts
  • Defense in judicial proceedings

Finance law and insurance

  • Insurance contracts
  • Banking and financing agreements
  • Loan arrangements
  • Assistance with bank, insurance and stock market regulatory institutions

Legal and financial matters at the European level

For both foreign businesses operating within Spain and Spanish businesses operating abroad, we offer operational advice on internationalization issues. Our firm is well-recognized in the management of Spanish subsidiaries of European business groups, particularly in the Spanish-German sector, due to our presence in both jurisdictions. We have extended this experience to other geographical spheres, particularly within Europe (including France, Austria, Holland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom). In addition to their linguistic abilities, our lawyers have extensive international training, enabling us to fully inform our clients of the nuances of Spanish law.

Our activities to that end primarily include the following:

  • Supporting the establishment of foreign companies in Spain and Spanish companies abroad
  • Assistance in locating and negotiating with foreign partners
  • Evaluation of the legal alternatives regarding market entry possibilities (subsidiaries, branch offices, representative offices, etc.)
  • Regulation of foreign investments in Spain and of Spanish investments abroad
  • Advice on mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in Spain and abroad
  • Undertakings abroad involving the freedom to compete and provide services
  • Contingency plans involving foreign issues
  • Legal Compliance