Family Businesses

Managing Partner

Prof. Dr. Donato E. Tagliavia

Our goal is to help family-owned businesses successfully carry out generational changes, and to help our clients understand that this process is one that requires open and honest communication among participating family members.

Conscious of the need to resolve personal, family, economic, emotional and legal problems, our works consists of planning the topics that need to be discussed, facilitating communication between family members and mediating disputes in order to reach the agreements necessary to establish management continuity.

Planning of the succession

This process culminates in the negotiation and preparation of a family business management directive, an instrument that makes the family-business relationship more objective and thereby facilitates management continuity.

The implementation of the family business management directive

To put into effect various provisions of the family business management directive, we also prepare marital contracts and testaments for the businessperson and his or her descendants, as well as bylaws adequate for the family business. Together these documents comprise a unique tool for carrying out the transition of the family business’s management from one generation to another.

With regards to the management of the company, we lend our aid to ensure that the shareholders and board of directors of the family business are truly effective and carry out their respective functions, no longer being empty bodies created solely to comply with legal requisites.

Finally, our task is also to ensure that any applicable tax advantages available to the company are claimed in a timely manner.

Tracking the generational transition

In addition to the specific services mentioned above, we offer ongoing assistance aimed at maintaining and strengthening inter-family communication over time, at creating and organizing a family council as a more suitable forum for family communication, and at preventing the family business management directive or similar instruments from losing their effectiveness.