International Succession Law

Managing Partners

Gerhard W. Volz

Jordi Planchart Remmert

The development of the European Union´s unified market and the resulting increase in the mobility of EU citizens have facilitated people´s acquisition of property located in other Member States. This has led to the existence of estates consisting of assets located in various jurisdictions.

Conscious of the various legal difficulties which can arise from the hereditary transfer of such assets, we have drawn upon its numerous years of experience in this field to develop comprehensive protocols for clients who need to plan in advance the succession to their assets located in different countries.

Our advice is given from a double perspective. First, from the point of view of the buyer and future testator, advising him or her regarding the property’s legal situation and underscoring the different possibilities available for securing an optimal outcome with respect clients preferences for the future disposition of the property. Second, from the point of view of the successor, ensuring a correct distribution of the assets in accordance with the testamentary dispositions of the deceased or, in the case of intestate succession, in accordance with the rules applicable to each case.