Managing Partners

Gerhard W. Volz

Alfonso Hernández

We provide effective and efficient litigation to favorably resolve our clients´ legal disputes and conflicts.

Our firm has an established core competency in litigation, but our litigation specialists prefer, whenever possible, to avoid taking disputes to trial. Accordingly, we use various methods of out-of-court dispute resolution as effective alternatives for resolving conflicts. These are highly recommendable strategies if we bear in mind the obvious litigation costs and delays caused by operating within the judicial system. We also underscore that our activities are not limited to contentious litigation, but to other non-contentious forms of court proceedings, such as those connected with voluntary jurisdiction, and also to the drafting of pre-litigation advisory reports that evaluate the viability of a potential claim.

Our litigation department also continuously collaborates with other firm departments which support our litigation efforts, in both the civil and administrative contexts. These departments include those dealing with real estate law, corporate law, environmental law and employment law, amongst others.

Our primary litigation services include the following:

  • With respect to corporate and commercial law, litigation arising from relationships within corporations, claims relating to the liability of corporate directors and claims arising from contracts entered into by corporations, particularly distribution and agency agreements.
  • All aspects of civil law, including liability under contract and in tort, claims arising from insurance contracts, real estate law, construction law, family law, debt collection, insolvency, and both national and international testamentary and succession matters.
  • Adversarial administrative proceedings.
  • Administrative proceedings before all types of government bodies, particularly claims against administrative agencies based on breaches of civil law, and social welfare issues.
  • Environmental issues arising under civil law, administrative law (including adversarial matters) and criminal law.
  • New technologies, particularly data protection.
  • Execution of foreign judgments and executory documents.
  • Insolvency proceedings.
  • Criminal proceedings.
  • Appeals of all types, including those before the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.
  • National and international arbitration.
  • Advise to financial entities regarding client claims.