La Audiencia Nacional condena a la AFE a indeminizar al sindicato femenino FUTPRO

The Spanish National Court sentences the Spanish Football Association (AFE) to pay compensation to the women’s football union (FUTPRO)

The National Court sentenced the Association of Spanish Football Players (“AFE”) to compensate the Spanish Women’s Football Union, FUTPRO, with 60,002 euros for establishing as a requirement, only for female players, the affiliation to access the End of Career Fund. They have thus violated the freedom of association and non-discrimination on the grounds of sex

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The registration of the Work Day

In order to be saved from any worries, it is highly recommended to Companies to know the main legal and legislative developments that can result in major changes in the workplace. Within the jurisprudential field, one of the judgements that is highly expected is the one of the Court of Justice of the European Union

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