Real Estate Law

Managing Partners

Gerhard W. Volz

Jordi Planchart Remmert

Alfonso Hernández

Real estate is a dynamic sector in which the need for legal advice is these days not always completely and adequately fulfilled by qualified specialists.

To that end, we offer high-quality services to businesses, sector professionals and individuals, combining our extensive experience in these fields with very practical solutions.

Our services cover a variety of fields::

Real estate asset management

Our real estate asset management service is aimed at both companies and individuals who own rental property. Our offerings include the following services:

  • The detailed study of the real property’s legal characteristics in order to achieve improved management and increased profitability.
  • Lease planning and management to ensure the ongoing financial performance of the property.
  • The improvement of rental buildings and other property in order to increase asset values
  • The analysis of various legal options in response to potential breaches of contract.

Condominiums and legal/zoning issues related to real estate developments

  1. Solutions for regulating a real estate development.
  2. Formation of homeowners associations and the legal chartering of condominiums and real state developments (establishment of homeowners dues, creation of bylaws, public documents, registration in the Real Property Register and other administrative requirements, division of administrative powers and of the management of common areas).
  3. Legal advice to homeowners associations to ensure compliance with all current regulations.
  4. Legal handling of homeowner breaches and non-compliance issues.
  5. Defense of the property against administrative actions.

City planning and zoning services

  • Representation before the city planning and zoning boards and with regards to any conflicts that may arise in the permitting process for and development of the property.
  • Legal advice on construction law and related topics. Analysis of the legal responsibilities attributable to the various agents involved in the construction of the property and problems arising therefrom.
  • Zoning condemnations and eminent domain.

Real estate investing in Spain

Professional, individualized advice to potential investors, both Spanish and foreign, for the development of private housing developments and residential facilities, commercial centers and office complexes, including the following services:

  • Sale-leaseback, tenant mix and triple net contracts
  • Real estate agency and intermediary services
  • Study of the various legal methods by which to carry out the real estate investment activity